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Sometimes it's impossible to know where or how to get started. Mountain Construction has a solution to your problem. We offer a drafting, rendering and estimating service. This service will give you a good idea where you're going and how much it will cost.

Depending on how much detail you require and the size of your project, we can put together a package to suit your budget. If you choose not to use Mountain Construction to build your project your only obligation to us is the cost of the drawing and renderings. Read how it works below!

Based on the information you give us about your project we will give you a price for floor plans and overview as shown in the example to the left.

If you need a lot of detail we can increase the level of your renderings to meet your needs. There is no limit to the detail we can supply as seen in the example to the right.

The size of the project does not matter. It will however affect the pricing level.

You can start out with basic renderings as shown to the right. There are even lower level renderings as shown in the five step process. In that process you will not get to keep the drawings until a contract is signed. Of course you can pay for drawings at any time if you like. They will always be incorporated into the cost of construction if you choose Mountain Construction as your Contractor.

We offer many levels of detail to help you better understand the look of the final project.

We can get it as clean and life like as you need. In most cases this much detail is not necessary to get a good idea of what your project will look like, that is entirely up to you.

Once again, there is no limit to what we can produce visually for you.