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At Mountain Construction we have our own way of doing things. After many years of dealing with home owners and first time buyers, Mountain Construction has come up with an easy going process that will give almost anyone the peace of mind needed when dealing with construction and the sometimes complicated issues that arise. 

Of course you would have to contact us to set up an appointment that is convenient for you. This can be day or evening, weekends included. We are glad to come to your home or place of business, if you prefer you can come to us. At this meeting we will discuss all your wants and needs. Listen to all your ideas and concerns. This would also be a good time to discuss your budget, as it will help in the development process.

Can you find this project in the gallary?Back at our office we take what we learned from our first meeting and develop a detailed proposal based on your wants and needs, with your budget in mind at all times. Depending on the type and size of the project, we may develop floor plans and 3-D renderings as shown above. We understand how difficult it can be to visualize the end result. This is why we spend the extra time, so you can have a complete understanding of your project. It's now time to meet again.

At our second meeting we go over the proposal in detail and decide if there are changes that may need to be made. We also discuss pricing and all other options available if any. Depending on the job type an architectural drawing may be needed for the next step. If this is the case, a fee may be charged to cover this cost. It is sometimes very important to have blueprints of your project to proceed. At this point you are still not obligated to Mountain Construction in any way. We will end the meeting and head back to our office with all the new information acquired and begin preparing the contract.

At our third meeting we will go over the contract in detail. We will review the final drawings and plans if necessary. When all parties are in agreement and contracts are signed, a deposit will be required as stated in the contract. All fees charged for plans or permit fees will be deducted from the total contract price. It's at this point Mountain Construction becomes obligated to your complete satisfaction. We will be available for all your questions and concerns from this point forward.

Work will begin as stated in the contract or within one week of receiving permits if required. The work will proceed at a steady pace until project is complete. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the construction process. If you have questions ask them, we never mind. At completion, we will supply all necessary paper work for your final approval from the local jurisdiction. You now join the large family of satisfied Mountain Construction Customers.